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Behind each vintage are hiding anecdotes of the harvest which remain etched in our memories of winegrowers. In 2019, we carried out for the first time a vinification without sulphite on our entire harvest. Sustained notes of raspberries and strawberries were revealed to our delight and this wine has since become a standard in our range! Drink now, at room temperature after light aeration, as an aperitif accompanied by a good cheese platter.


Grape variety: Merlot
AOC: Bordeaux red

Vinification and aging: Fermentation with indigenous yeasts, low sulphite vinification, aging in stainless steel and cement vats, light filtration.

Nose: Raspberries and strawberries, hint of hazelnuts
Palate: Powerful, full-bodied

Food and wine pairing: Cheese platter, Aperitif

Harvests 2019


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